Author : Omega7
Assembly Code : Steve Hanna
Changed by : Omega7
Description : It is 110 Byte Shellcode which Pops up Message Box Under Windows Xp SP2
If you Want to use it in any other Windows You need to change the address
that i have marked!


#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

char shellcode[]=
"\x77\x1d\x80\x7c"    //***LoadLibraryA(libraryname) IN WinXP sp2***
"\x28\xac\x80\x7c"   //***GetProcAddress(hmodule,functionname) IN sp2***

/*MessageBox shellcode for Windoew xp sp2 */

int main ()
int *ret;
ret=(int *)&ret+2;
printf("Shellcode Length is : %d",strlen(shellcode));
return 0;