2019 Christmas Break Infrastructure Upgrades


In this Crismistmas break, I added a new ESXi server to my infrastructure. I customized a Dell Poweredge T630 according to my needs. My old server is really good; it serviced me for more than two years without any problems. However, it’s time to upgrade my infrastructure to the next level with more cpu power, ram, and hard disk space.

My old server had 64Gb RAM and a total of 19.8 GHz, 4TB SSDs, and 6 TB HDD. With my regular use, almost 50+ of the RAM is used, all the 4TB SSDs are almost full, and that is just by running a DC and 3 Windows VMs and a couple of Linux VMs. It had a very good structure, and I was able to still work on it, but I was not able to run some critical VMs without facing slowness. An example of that, I was not able to run a vCenter VM smoothly, which is a big deal if you clone VMs a lot, and I am that kind of person. Without vCenter, I had to literally copy every VM and reregister it through the ESXi interface, which was a pain. And in the last couple of months, I have started testing a lot of Ansible playbooks and IaC implementations. Testing that on my old server was really hard, especially when I needed to copy new VMs, revert +10 VMs at once, and mainly when I had to deal with Windows VMs. They are really CPU and RAM killers.

As a solution, I decided to use my savings and purchase a new server to support my work. But wait, aren’t powerful servers noisy? Take ample space? And generate heat? Unfortunately, yes :( But I found a good solution that suits my needs. The Dell Poweredge T630, it’s a tower server from Dell. It is not a very heavy server, not noisy as 2U servers, and has a PC shape, so it doesn’t need a rack to hold it. I added an Intel® Xeon® Gold 5218 CPU, Extra 104GB of RAM, and 7TB SSDs thanks to the Cyber Monday deals :). This added more power for a vCenter and better power distribution among all the VMs. This is a screenshot after installing almost everything together.


A screenshot after installing almost everything together.

This new infrastructure makes my life testing and developing much easier and provides a better environment for more Security projects, stay-tuned :3

Send me an email if you are interested in knowing more about the setup, or you need help picking your next server/homelab.